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On Friday, October 18, the students of the 3e, 3m, 4e in 4m classes went to the company Elifriulia in Ronchi dei Legionari. Elifriulia is the major company in the Nort-East of Italy that offers aeronautical services (transport and teaching).

You can watch their photos and some original thoughts (pls forgive the mistakes, we invited no english teacher to correct us):

The trip in Elifriulia has been interesting, the best was wheb we have seen from a short distance different helicopters.
The visit was useful, I've learned how the airplanes and the helicopters work.
The one-day trip to Elifriulia was fine, cause we saw a plane and some helicopters and they gave us a gadget.
The visit to Elifriulia was interesting, because I saw some helicopters and planes.
The visit was well organized, the best thing was seeing the helicopter on take off.
The presentation wea really boring, but I liked the helicopter take-off.