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The students of the mechanical section at the Mechanical school – Lasnamäe Mehaanikakool in Tallinn

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The students of the 4th and 5th class of mechanics are since Tuesday on a school trip in Tallinn. This excursion is set in a broader exchange project and on their first day they visited the Lasnamäe School of Mechanics and they learnt about the Estonian school system. This school uses Russian as its language of instruction, as a large Russian population lives in this region. The Jožef Stefan students have also prepared several presentations about their school, the town of Trieste and the surrounding area. They presented Carnival, the traditional karst wedding and other topics of interest. In the afternoon together with the Estonian students they had an interactive exploration of Tallinn and they learnt about its history and culture. In the evening again in mixed groups together with their teachers they prepared a multi-ethnical Russian/Slovenian/Italian and Estonian dinner, so they continued learning about each other while eating and drinking. Today they first listened to the presentation of the European programmes for youth, later on they had a practical welding course. In the evening they will have a sports event with the Estonian-Russian teachers and students.