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Students Participate at the National Contest “I giovani e le scienze” (Youth and Science) with a Biodesel Project

Fifth-year students Mirko Juretič, Henrik Sturman and Martin Milič were chosen to present their biodiesel project at the final selection of “I Giovani e le Scienze”(Youth and Science) in Milan from the 2nd to the 5th of May. The contest was organized by the Italian Organization of Scientific and Technology Associations (FAST), on behalf of the European Commission. The students' original bioreactor was built from scratch using recycled materials and they have already managed to produce some biofuel with it. Firstly, biochemistry student Mirko Juretič, in collaboration with the Institute OGS (National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics) of Trieste, researched the right conditions for the cultivation of microalgae and produced a solution of wastewater with which he stimulated thriving microalgae. Secondly, his schoolmates Martin Milič of the mechanical section and Henrik Sturman of the electronics department planned and constructed the bioreactor, which operates through sensors regulating heat and light by the use of an Arduino micrrocontroller. We are all very proud of this project as it uses a multidisciplinary approach, which is of crucial importance in science today. Moreover, considering that the demand for new sources of energy is increasing, this project, which provides a way to produce second-generation biofuels, is on the cutting edge.