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Berlin - Bicolized city

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Written by: 5KB

April 4, 2017

Organization and coldness are just two of the main characteristics that Berlin hides in its centre. The city is somehow bipolar: the people of the place never laugh, hardly joke, but they are still very open-minded and polite. For all of these reasons, bicolized- that stands for bipolar, cold and organized- is a great adjective to describe this capital city. 

Berlin is a city where everything is somewhat calmer than what someone would expect from such a big city. What I mean, is that when I was there, I did not get the feeling of a constant hurry, like you get when you are in Trieste. But people in Berlin are very cold and introverted. They are always flawless and in perfect shape, no matter what. In fact, when we were on the metro, there was absolute silence. That is, except for the street musicians who were singing and making ruckus. Another thing that I missed there was the laughter on the streets. Most of the people were serious, barely talking.

Furthermore, I think that Berlin is somewhat very hard to homeless and poor people that live on the streets. They are totally ignored by the wealthier people with houses, a jobs and nice wages. If someone needs help, they just walk by and look the other way.

And to unleash this depression and repression of emotions, they have parties for the weekends and go crazy. And there are lots of drugs and alcohol etc. And all of it, just to prove to themselves that they are still alive.

In conclusion, we can say that Berlin is a beautiful city, very clean and the organization is awesome. However, Berliners seem sad and cold. But, this is just our point view and I believe that if you get to know them better you can really appreciate Berliners and their way of living.