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On Friday, October 18, the students of the 3e, 3m, 4e in 4m classes went to the company Elifriulia in Ronchi dei Legionari. Elifriulia is the major company in the Nort-East of Italy that offers aeronautical services (transport and teaching).

You can watch their photos and some original thoughts (pls forgive the mistakes, we invited no english teacher to correct us):

The trip in Elifriulia has been interesting, the best was wheb we have seen from a short distance different helicopters.
The visit was useful, I've learned how the airplanes and the helicopters work.
The one-day trip to Elifriulia was fine, cause we saw a plane and some helicopters and they gave us a gadget.
The visit to Elifriulia was interesting, because I saw some helicopters and planes.
The visit was well organized, the best thing was seeing the helicopter on take off.
The presentation wea really boring, but I liked the helicopter take-off.

National contest “I giovani e le scienze” (Youth and Science)

This year, 40 projects by Italian schools and 8 projects from foreign schools (Belgium, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil and Mexico) were selected for the national contest “I giovani e le scienze” (Youth and Science). Among these there was also the experimental bioreactor built by three students of the Jožef Stefan Technical High School. (More about the chosen projects at http://www.fast.mi.it/gs2014/GioScie_Finalisti.pdf)

On the first day, the participants prepared the exhibition stalls and soon after they had to discuss their work in English in front of a commission. The atmosphere at the event was lively and relaxed, as the participants visited each others’ stalls, exchange opinions and suggestions and they learned about each other through their work. In the afternoon, they were interviewed by two local TV stations: TeleLombardia and the regional TV station RAI.

The contest “I giovani e le scienze” is the only Italian competition that unites all sciences and several scientific talks are being offered – some broadcasted on the webpage http://www.fasttv.org/.

On Sunday morning, the students will visit Milan in mixed groups and in the afternoon they will be again at the exhibition hall as the event will be open to the general public. On Monday at 10.45, the award ceremony will start determining the projects that will represent Italy at various European and international scientific contests, such as EUCYS (European Union Contest for Young Scientists) in Warsaw, the INESPO (International Environment & Sustainability Project Olympiad) in Amsterdam and the International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, USA, among others. Cash prizes are also being given by different companies and associations.

The award ceremony will be broadcasted on the website http://www.fasttv.org/

Estonian students at school Jožef Stefan

This week our school hosts four students from the Lasnamäe School of Mechanics from Tallinn, Estonia which uses Russian as its language of instruction. Aleksej, Vladislav, Ivan and Jevgenij attend both the general and specific  subjects together with our students. At the same time they are also enrolled in an intensive course of Italian language as they will spend their second, third and fourth week as trainees at the local Wärtsilä company. The work experience will be carried out in the framework of the European project Leonardo.

Arduino day 2014

On 29th March 2014 some of our students participated at the Arduino Day 2014, which simultaneously took place in more than 240 towns around the world. In Trieste, the science centre Immaginario Scientifico organized workshops and special talks. As part of the event "Mostra e dimostra" (show and demonstrate), student Devan Štoka presented an electricity-making device he constructed himself using Arduino. Another four students also took part in the workshops.


the Science Centre Immaginario Scientifico and ArduinoDay