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Objava končnih rezultatov

Objava ocen za vse 5. razrede bo v četrtek, 15. junija 2017, ob 10.00.

Objava ocen za vse 1., 2., 3. in 4. razrede bo v petek, 16. junija 2017, ob 13.00.

V torek, 20. junija 2017, ob 12.00, bodo razredniki podeljevali spričevala in posredovali navodila za podporni pouk.

Poučna ekskurzija v organizaciji RS – 20.in 21. aprila 2017

Dijaki prvih razredov vseh oddelkov DIZ J. Stefana so se letos udeležili poučne ekskurzije v Kobarid in Goriška brda. Ker je prvošolcev veliko, smo ekskurzijo izvedli v dveh ločenih skupinah .... Program je bil za obe skupini enak.

KOBARID  - vodeni ogled KOBARIŠKEGA MUZEJA. Dijaki so si podrobno ogledali zbirko posvečeno soški fronti in sledili zelo izčrpni in zanimivi razlagi dogodkov, ki so se odvijali na tem območju.

VRSNO – ogled rojstne hiše pesnika SIMONA GREGORČIČA. Dijaki so si ogledali razstavo pesnikovih osebnih predmetov ter poslušali zanimivi predstavitvi življenja in dela goriškega pesnika.

DOBROVO – vodeni ogled vinske kleti BRDA. Dijaki so sledili predstavitvi kleti, spoznali so tradicijo vinarstva v Brdih in se sprehodili med vrhunskimi vini in so se preizkusili v tehniki obračanja steklenic...

Med izletom nas je spremljal vodič gospod EDI, ki je z besedo povezoval in obrazložil preteklo zgodovinsko dogajanje in umestil literarno dediščino Simona Gregorčiča ter vrhunsko produkcijo slovenskih vinarjev iz briške okolice.

Zahvaljujemo se Zavodu za šolstvo  in še posebej g.a Andreji Duhovnik, ki je poskrbela, da so se lahko vsi dijaki prvih razredov udeležili poučne ekskurzije.

When your virtual pen-friend from the USA visits you at the DIZ Jožef Stefan, Trieste

Written by: 4BE
May 3, 2017

On the 20th of April a group of students from the Saint Laurens Central School came to visit us all the way from the USA.

We introduced them to our school system and how our school works, then the labs and after a very rich home-made meal that everybody from the class meticulously prepared, we started with the sightseeing walk.
We took them to Vejna, where they were amazed by the view of our bay and the city. The weather was perfect, so we were able to see all the way to Venice. Then we took them down to the Napoleonic path where we got to know each other better and exchanged our Snapchat contacts. We arrived in the village of Kontovel where we went on a stroll on the Fishermen path. We walked towards the castle of Miramare and we visited its inside.
The next day we took them on a sightseeing tour of the city. We saw the cathedral of San Giusto, Piazza Unità, Piazza della Borsa and other most important sights in Trieste. We introduced them to the literary figures of Trieste like Svevo, Joyce and Saba. At the end of the tour we showed them the Narodni Dom where we chatted while drinking original Italian coffee. As they were interested in our presentation of Rižarna, they visited it in the afternoon with teacher Milanič.
They said that Trieste is an awesome city and they wished they lived here.

We were very excited about their visit, but at the same time a bit nervous because we were worried about the impression we were going to leave. To sum up, everybody thinks that the American visit was a great and an interesting experience and we hope to someday return the visit. 

I found it interesting...

“I had to convert every European unit into American units, because otherwise they would not understand.”

“I was really enchanted by their pronunciation. It was melodious and it was the first time for us to hear the original American pronunciation.”

“I was surprised by their clothes, because I expected a more “American style.” In my opinion they were not dressed enough, given the temperatures, and seemed to be very hot.”

“I was shocked by the fact that some of them play three different sports. They are really sporty and active.”

Prelom paštalacij

Utrinek učenja iz prakse v 2E razredu pod budno strokovnim očesom prof. Verrija in prof. Gantarja pri predmetu Tehnike grafičnega upodabljanja.

Iskali so točko preloma paštalacij,ki so jih sami ustvarili.
Bravo fantje!

(foto: K. Furlan)

Berlin - Bicolized city

Written by: 5KB

April 4, 2017

Organization and coldness are just two of the main characteristics that Berlin hides in its centre. The city is somehow bipolar: the people of the place never laugh, hardly joke, but they are still very open-minded and polite. For all of these reasons, bicolized- that stands for bipolar, cold and organized- is a great adjective to describe this capital city. 

Berlin is a city where everything is somewhat calmer than what someone would expect from such a big city. What I mean, is that when I was there, I did not get the feeling of a constant hurry, like you get when you are in Trieste. But people in Berlin are very cold and introverted. They are always flawless and in perfect shape, no matter what. In fact, when we were on the metro, there was absolute silence. That is, except for the street musicians who were singing and making ruckus. Another thing that I missed there was the laughter on the streets. Most of the people were serious, barely talking.

Furthermore, I think that Berlin is somewhat very hard to homeless and poor people that live on the streets. They are totally ignored by the wealthier people with houses, a jobs and nice wages. If someone needs help, they just walk by and look the other way.

And to unleash this depression and repression of emotions, they have parties for the weekends and go crazy. And there are lots of drugs and alcohol etc. And all of it, just to prove to themselves that they are still alive.

In conclusion, we can say that Berlin is a beautiful city, very clean and the organization is awesome. However, Berliners seem sad and cold. But, this is just our point view and I believe that if you get to know them better you can really appreciate Berliners and their way of living.