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Excursion to Rome

Šolsko leto smo začeli aktivno, iskajoč nova znanja. Zaključni letnik elektronikov se je s prof. Zubaličem odpeljal v Rim kjer so obiskali sejem tehnologije Mini Maker.

Excursion to Rome

On Friday, 14th October, the 5E class went to a 2 day-long school trip to Rome. It was based on visiting the Mini Maker Faire, one of the biggest technology fairs that promotes DIY innovation. However, later we decided to also add a cultural side to it – sightseeing.
The first day we visited all the main sights of the city, from the Colosseum to St. Peter’s Square, concluding with a lovely dinner in a typical restaurant. The whole next day was then spent at the Faire, where we’ve seen, learned about, and experimented with a lot of great and original things.

DIMITRI: The trip to Rome was a beautiful and an interesting experience, because in two days we saw the most important attractions of the capital and the Maker fair. The fair was very interesting, because we saw a lot of new electronic inventions.


JURIJ: I’m excited every time I go to Rome, because it’s still one of the best and most beautiful cities I have ever visited. So, also this trip satisfied me, because we had the possibility to visit the Maker fair and that was a brilliant idea.

MATIJA: I very much liked the trip to Rome, because it was my first time in this city so I finally had the possibility to see the Colosseum, St. Peter square, the Spanish square and other sights. I also enjoyed the Maker faire, because it was very interactive and well organized. I liked that we also had the possibility to try several things which were exhibited on the faire.

MARCO: I really like Rome and all the history of the city. Every time that I go there I'm excited. Also the Maker fair was interesting and we learned a lot of new stuff. This kind of trips are really interesting.

IVAN: I was pleasantly surprised by the trip to Rome, because for me it was the first time to see this beautiful city. I was especially surprised by the Colosseum and his greatness. The second part of trip was the Maker fair, we saw a lot of electronic gadgets!

DEVAN: I really enjoyed the trip, particularly the sightseeing part, because it was a great way to expand my cultural horizons. At the faire I mainly liked the “Micro growing” pavilion, where I’ve seen some really interesting projects about ways one could cultivate different fruits and vegetables by using exclusively electronics. Besides, I found inspiration for my future projects.