Erasmus+ 2020-2022

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Scents and Sights of Science: Biochemistry among Two Countries

With the new two-year project, we will continue our collaboration with the Rudbeksgymnasiet school in Örebro, Sweden. The goal of the project is to upgrade the teachings of Biology and Chemistry while improving general communication skills in foreign languages. Students will perform laboratory activities, which will be carried out in agreement with the Swedish school. The activities will pertain to environmental issues and entrepreneurship: students from both schools will get to know companies in which specific knowledge of chemistry and biology is particularly important.

We continue with the activities within the Erasmus+ project

The Scents and Sights of Science: Biochemistry between Two Countries.

On 18th of May 2021 the 3rd and 4th biochemistry classes have attended together with the Rudbecksgymnasiet students and other European high schools  the virtual tour of the Embl (European Molecular Biology Lab), in Heidelberg.  The students have learnt about the new methods in molecular biology and they got insights in the life of a researcher.