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Jožef Stefan is a technical high school based in Trieste, Italy. It is an Italian public school with Slovenian as the language of instruction – all of the subjects are taught in Slovene except for the language subjects (Italian and English). The school’s main goal is to provide technical instruction to the young people of the Slovenian community in Italy. It provides three technical courses of studies (Electronics and Electrotechnics; Mechanics and Mechatronics; and Environmental Biology and Chemistry) and a VET programme in Graphic Design. The age range of its students goes from 14 years old in the first class to 19 years old in the fifth class.
There is a common awareness among both teachers and students of the importance of international activities as opportunities to practice foreign languages and to discover new approaches to teaching as well as to learning.

Every year, our school hosted international university students for a six-week internship within the EduChange AIESEC project. In addition, the school actively undertakes cross- border activities with schools in Slovenia and Croatia. Our school also participated in international exchanges such as the Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci IVT Mobility project with the Tallina Lasnamäe Mehanikakool, Tallinn, Estonia. Currently we are involved in a two year Erasmus+ project, Biochemistry: A View of two Countries, with Rudbecksgymnasiet, Örebro, Sweden. The school is also present on the eTwinning and ePals Global Community platforms and has collaborated in email exchanges and Skype meetings with Laurens Central School of Laurens, New York.


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