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From October 1, 2023 to June 30, 2025, in cooperation with Srednja gozdarska, lesarska in zdravstvena šola Postojna and Library at Šmarje pri Jelšah, we will implement an Erasmus+ project. Its main goal is to attract young people to libraries. With this projects, we want to innovatively upgrade the library activity and bring it closer to young people through: – new innovative programmes of creative labs (creative writing, art, literary workshops, reading clubs), gamification in the library, events, travelling exhibition, – the use of digitization in the presentation and use of books (book trailers), – creation of a reading corner, – international networking of young people, – involving immigrants in library activities (travel lectures, purchasing literature in their mother tongue) with the aim of helping to preserve their language and culture.

On Wednesday 13 December, in the emerging library of the Stefan school and online via the google-meet application, the first meeting of the reading group took place as part of the Erasmus+ project Innovative international library creativity. The students of the 3rd biochemistry and mechanics and 2nd mechanics classes connected via the google-meet application and presented the life and work of the Trieste writer Dušan Jelinčič to the students of the Postojna vocational school, and talked about  the collection of short stories I fantasmi di Trieste (The Ghosts of Trieste).

On Wednesday, March 13, as part of the Erasmus+ project Innovative international library creativity, the 3rd biochemistry class and the 3rd mechanics class students had a second virtual meeting with their peers from SGLZŠ from Postojna. At the second meeting, the students discussed the collection of short stories Tržaške prikazni – I fantasmi di Trieste by Dušan Jelinčič. The 3rd year students led the conversation, performed a Kahoot quiz and other online games. Some topics of the San Giovanni mental hospital were highlighted, such as Franco Basaglia’s reform, the figure of Diego Henriquez, the tramway, the Risiera/Rižarna concentration camp and others. At the end, they took a virtual walk around the Slovenian Trst/Trieste.

On Wednesday, May 22, as part of the Erasmus+ project Innovative International Library Creativity, students from the SGLZŠ school in Postojna came to visit. In the morning, a literary walk took place led by Stefan students in the footsteps of the book I famìntasmi di Trieste by Dušan Jelinčič.

The meeting with the writer Dušan Jelinčič took place in the afternoon. The conversation was led by the students of the third class of biochemistry, while the students of the third class of mechanics read passages from Jelinčič’s book. The parents of Jakob Bitežnik, a student of SGLZŠ, were also present. They were the first to establish contacts between the two schools, and presented the two schools with a voucher for the purchase of books. At the end, the musical group composed of Emil De Luca, Goran Rismondo and Alexander Rismondo played.

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